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CEMCO, Inc. VSI Crusher Increases Production by 55 percent

Mar, 07 2008

(ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico)  --  Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Metroplex Sand & Gravel produces C-133 concrete sand and C-144 masonry sand by crushing river rock feed material. Since Metroplex's January installation of the CEMCO Turbo 80 VSI Crusher, the plant has increased production of C-133 concrete sand by an estimated 55% according to Keith Newell, President and Chief Operating Officer. "In addition to the increased production, Metroplex Sand & Gravel is now able to use the new CEMCO VSI Crusher to process reserves into a product that could potentially sell at a higher price than C-133 sand," said Mr. Newell. "The CEMCO VSI Crusher has dramatically increased our production and value thereof, while also adding years to our base of available reserves. This has all been achieved at a cost per ton which I feel is quite low given the overall benefits of the machine. From the initial setup of our crusher, to programming the drive, to days of on-site support (and hours of off-site support over the phone), you (CEMCO) have taken product support to a level that I believe to be unprecedented in this industry."

"Integrating a programmable Siemens Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) with the CEMCO Turbo 80 creates a versatile material processing machine that will save Metroplex about 25% per KW hour used. The annual dollars saved on electricity alone pays for the new crusher," said Mike Neal, CEMCO's National Sales Manager.

"We are pleased to have been able to deliver a tool capable of delivering this level of productive output. We believe that Metroplex will realize considerable benefit from their purchase of the Turbo 80," said Neil Hise, CEMCO's president. "We believe that CEMCO's line of turbo VSI Crushers are the most productive, most reliable and most cost effective VSI Crushers in the market. Feedback like this from our customers is why we pride ourselves in providing the best service in the industry."

CEMCO, a 45 year old industrial equipment manufacturing company, has a world renowned line of VSI Crushers. Out of the nine (9) crusher models that CEMCO manufactures, the Turbo 80 is its mid-size model. The Turbo 80 can be equipped to operate between 100-275 TPH with a max feed size of 2.5" material. CEMCO VSI Crushers are designed to make the components that require routine maintenance easily accessible. Major servicing of the CEMCO VSI can be done in less than an hour, reducing the plants "down time" and lowering overall operating cost. The drive system of all CEMCO VSI Crushers uses a filtered oil lubrication system that greatly increases the life of the crusher.


CEMCO is a 3rd generation family owned and operated business that has established itself as the worldwide leader in VSI Crushing technology since its inception in 1962. CEMCO manufactures nine (9) crusher sizes and also designs and builds conversion equipment for other brands of crushers. CEMCO manufactures and distributes the family of CEMCO Turbo VSI Crushers in approximately 21 countries worldwide. CEMCO, Inc. offers full scale engineering services, a large capacity machining operation, CNC, robotic and computer automated custom metal fabrication as well as industrial equipment manufacturing services.

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Cemco crushers
Although obviously dependent on the rock feed, some comment about particle shape, bulk density/%voids, and or sand flow cone readings would be of interest - perhaps by users rather than CEMCO. (this is to assess water requirement relative to a natural sand).
Posted By : Ken   Day Posted On : 3/8/2008 3:29:26 PM
cubical output
Dear sir,I got about encreasing production from VSI machine,but it must be CUBICAL in shape upto 85%,so that it will be better than a particular grade. It is good to know that you encreased the capacity of VSI. thanks aashutosh.
Posted By : aashutosh s   sharma Posted On : 3/10/2008 10:58:01 AM

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