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TruckTrax adds news benefits for Ready-Mix Concrete producers

Jan, 22 2010

TruckTrax adds automated work orders and rotating shift schedule processing for their ready-mix and bulk industries payroll software.

Work orders can now be entered by employees at any time clock station or by managers at the approval workbench. This reduces the burden on corporate payroll staffs by automatically streaming work orders to a corresponding cost center in an ERP system. With capturing this valuable information at a local level, companies eliminate unneeded data entry, reduced overhead in their payroll departments and more accurately identify inefficiencies in their company’s workforce. It benefits not only the company, but also the employee with the added trust level they are getting paid what they’ve worked.

Rotating shift schedules are very complex in the payroll world, especially when working with labor agreements or state/local laws. PayTrax now takes into account workers, crews or employees rotating shift schedules and implements workers wages specific to labor contracts and employee laws. No longer will there be the traditional circumstance “Well, we might as well pay them the highest wage rate because we don’t know if this falls in the parameters of their contract.” Now, the information is tracked and reported to find the most efficient schedule for the worker and the company.

PayTrax Time Management Software was specifically designed for ready-mix and bulk product companies looking to increase operating efficiency and reduce costs associated with payroll. Designed by industry professionals this cost-effective solution has proven ROI within the first few months of implementation. More information can be found at under the Products tab. Or contact by email at

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