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New Fuel Consumption and Emissions Study for Concrete Paving

Mar, 12 2010

The Ready Mix Concrete Foundation and the University of Texas Arlington Demonstrate the Environmental Advantages in Paving with Concrete

(Silver Spring, Maryland) -- The RMC Research & Education Foundation is proud to announce the release of the final report Effect of Pavement Type on Fuel Consumption and Emissions in City Driving. The study, performed at the University of Texas at Arlington by Dr. Siamak A. Ardekani and Palinee Sumitsawan, compared fuel consumption and total CO2 emissions for a motor
vehicle driving on asphalt pavement and concrete pavement in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

Fuel consumption and emissions rates were consistently lower on concrete pavements and, in some instances, the differences between the two pavement types were stark. The final report also includes a new spreadsheet program tool Roadway Fuel Consumption and Emissions Calculator. This tool will allow the user to estimate the fuel consumption and emissions savings or costs based on a user-specified project conditions.

“This new study demonstrates yet another way how the use of concrete can have a positive impact on the environment. The government and media repeatedly remind us of the need to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil through reduced fuel consumption and to decrease emissions in an effort to thwart global warming. With the Foundation’s release of this report, we have significant data that will provide state DOTs with additional information necessary to make informed choices about pavement selection, especially regarding life cycle, environmental and air quality considerations,” said Foundation Chairman Jim Repman. “The specifying community should find these results and the accompanying calculator extremely useful when selecting pavements for future projects,” said Foundation Executive Director Julie Garbini, adding “We’re delighted to add this new project and calculator to our Research to Support Sustainable Development CD.

The full report Effect of Pavement Type on Fuel Consumption and Emissions in City Driving and its companion tool Roadway Fuel Consumption and Emissions Calculator are available for download or from the Foundation’s website at The mission of the RMC Research & Education Foundation is to support research and educational programs that will increase professionalism and quality in the concrete industry.

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