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Hanson - helping to explode the myths at Ecobuild 2011

Feb, 08 2011

Hanson UK has developed Modern Masonry one of the key attractions at Ecobuild 2011 to illustrate the important role heavy building products play in helping the construction industry reduce carbon emissions.

The interactive feature (no: N840) uses the theme Exploding the Myths to demonstrate the ways in which a balance can be achieved between the materials used in construction and their impact on the natural environment.

It focuses on the key issues that influence the development of the built environment from the construction materials used, the life cycle of buildings, conversation of natural resources and thermal mass.

Hanson is the UK’s biggest supplier of heavy building materials and has recently achieved the Carbon Trust Standard across all its business lines, so is well-placed to promote the role that low-carbon construction has to play in cutting emissions.

Paul Lacey, Hanson’s national marketing manager, said: “We hope to show visitors how heavy building products can create a continuous and sustainable circle of construction.

“The feature demonstrates how ecologically intelligent materials are at the heart of the way in which a regenerative, or ‘cradle to cradle’, concept is being introduced into construction.”

The Hanson UK feature is separated into five zones:

1.Biodiversity – showing how biodiversity action plans can protect the native landscape and increase biological diversity before, during and after mineral extraction required for construction raw materials.

2.Reducing CO2 emissions – through the use of alternative fuels in production, strategic investment, management of virgin resources and manufacturing efficiencies.

3.Innovation – of products and systems to provide sustainable, low energy and long life solutions for buildings.

4.Setting the standard – showcasing buildings that meet and exceed regulations laid down in BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

5.Reuse and recycling – how concrete and masonry products can be reused or up-cycled in the building process.
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