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Sandvik announces launch of two new trucks

Mar, 06 2012

Sweden) -- Sandvik TH550 and TH540 underground trucks – Higher payload ratio, cleaner air and enhanced productivity.

Sandvik Mining has launched two new underground trucks in the market. The new TH550 and TH540 are the first in the underground mining world to offer energy efficient and low-emission EPA Tier 4i/EURO Stage IIIB engines. Compact and agile, they offer the biggest payload per envelope size and empty vehicle weight.

Cleanest in the market
The new TH550 and TH540 are based on “the old workhorses”, Sandvik T50 and T40, which were widely regarded as the best underground trucks in the market. The all-new TH trucks were born as a result of comprehensive research, customer feedback and modern thinking. One of the main advantages of these trucks is the optional Tier 4i/IIIB engine that consumes less fuel, produces fewer emissions and has better torque characteristics for trucks than its predecessors. Currently, the TH550 and TH540 are the only trucks in the market available with these engines.

“If these engines were left running, for example, in the center of some large city, the exhaust fumes coming out of the engines would be cleaner than the air they took in from the city. These trucks can thus provide a healthier environment for all personnel working underground,” says Tomi Pikala, Marketing Support Manager at Sandvik Mining.

Novel features for improved functionality
The Sandvik TH550 and TH540 are engineered and designed with special emphasis on environment, health & safety (EHS), productivity and reliability. New features, such as the possibility to conduct all daily maintenance from ground level, offer enhanced safety and usability. Operator comfort and overall productivity are improved with a remodelled cabin featuring a new ergonomic, vibration-reducing seat, a new dashboard, a new control system screen, automatic gear shifting and adjustable climate control.

While the Tier 4i/IIIB engines cut operational costs through lower fuel consumption, a substantial reduction in ventilation requirements provides even greater savings. Uptime hours are increased with practical, time-saving features such as a large tank capacity, centralized ground level maintenance and easily cleanable radiators. The new cooling system, even safer electrical wiring, new steering cylinders and durable tires, combined with the other new features, are designed to increase operating hours per year and extend the overall service life of the trucks. As a result, increased uptime and prolonged service life provide the ultimate in productivity.


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