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Hanson Brick launches product application for ipad

Apr, 17 2012

(Charlotte, N.C.)  --  Hanson Brick, one of North America’s largest brick manufacturers, in partnership with Applosophy, a mobile application development company, announced today the launch of the My Hanson Brick mobile application for the iPad.

My Hanson Brick is available for download via the Apple Store and is designed to help builders, distributors, architects and homeowners with their brick cladding needs. Users will be able to view the Hanson Brick catalog, find homes, offices, and other buildings using specific Hanson Brick products, view their selections and map directions directly on their iPad to visit the sites and see a particular brick style on a project.  An iPhone version of the app is expected by late May.
“This application is all about helping our customers reduce the amount of time they put into research and guesswork needed to make one of the most important design decisions involved in their project,” said Charlie Ward, senior vice president and general manager of Hanson Brick. “We want to help our customers make the right brick choice faster and with as much information as we can bring to their finger tips while they are on the go.”
The application developers could not agree more with the inventive approach Hanson wanted to take. “Our aim was to identify the uneconomical aspects in the way brick information was being exchanged among the whole spectrum of users,” said Shai Cohen, the head of technology at Applosophy. “We wanted to create a platform that would transform the print catalogs into an interactive space in which Hanson could speed up the communication and specify personalized user needs.”
With the creation of this innovative platform, Ward believes the application also supports Hanson’s vision of sustainability.
“Let’s face it, catalogs, order forms and other printed materials consume a great deal of resources,” Ward said. “With this app, the resources and energy used can be significantly reduced and we can also continue to move closer to the zero waste culture we strive for within our company.”
The new Hanson Brick App allows users to:

  • Access basic information about Hanson Brick products including brick sizing and coursing information, environmental benefits, sustainability and warranty information
  • Search collections by regional availability and color
  • Prepare and share project ideas with contractors, builders, architects and owners
  • Create customized showcase rooms incorporating preferred brick styles
  • Access catalogs with photos of brick offerings based on region   
  • Locate addresses where specific brick styles are being used 
  • View photos of completed projects using particular brick styles
  • Find additional information regarding new products released by Hanson Brick.
The free My Hanson Brick app is available now for iPad from the App Store or at
About Hanson Brick
Hanson Brick is one of North America's largest brick manufacturers. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, its manufacturing facilities in the United States are located in Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. InCanada, the company operates facilities in Ontario and Quebec. Hanson Brickprovides superior service and selection of more than 1,000 styles of brick in four regional brick collections. For more information, please visit

About Hanson Building Products North America
Hanson Building Products North America is comprised of Hanson Pipe & Precast, Hanson Pressure Pipe, Hanson Structural Precast, Hanson Brick, Hanson Hardscapes and Hanson Roof Tile. Based in Irving, Texas, Hanson Building Products North America employs approximately 4,000 people and operates 150 facilities with products available throughout the U.S. and Canada. To learn more about Hanson's sustainability efforts and quality products, services and building technology, please visit
Hanson Building Products North America and its divisions are part of Lehigh Hanson, Inc. Lehigh Hanson is a member of the HeidelbergCement Group, the global leader in aggregates with leading positions in cement, concrete and heavy building materials. The company employs approximately 55,000 people in more than 40 countries.

About Applosophy
Based in New York City, Applosophy is a well-known company in the mobile application development field. The company focuses on applying new ideas and using new approaches to solvetoday’s business challenges and enrich the user’s experience. The company’s success is based on a unique collaboration between business experts, software engineers and product designers that work together to create fun-to-use mobile systems that streamline the work process, resulting in unique competitive advantages for enterprises by adding new dimensions to the way in which business is being done.  For more information, please visit

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