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Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Publishes New Technical Note

Feb, 22 2013

(Illinois)  --  The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) has released a new Technical Note to its online collection. The new Technical Note is Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Stainless Steel Reinforcing Bars.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stainless Steel Reinforcing Bars presents a collection of questions asked about stainless steel reinforcing bars.

Most of these questions come from Licensed Design Professionals (LDPs), such as engineers, architects, field personnel (inspectors, code enforcement personnel, and contractors), and state departments of transportation (DOTs).

Some of the questions answered in the technical note include:

•    What is stainless steel reinforcement?

•    What standards govern stainless steel reinforcing bars?

•    What alloys of stainless steel do the ASTM standards permit as reinforcing bars?

•    What is meant by the term “lean duplex” and how is it applicable to reinforcing bar?

•    What are the available sizes of stainless steel reinforcing bars?

•    Are there any special design guidelines for stainless steel reinforcing bars in ACI 318 or AASHTO?

•    Are there any special handling requirements?

Stainless steel reinforcing bars are used in reinforced concrete construction because of the material’s inherent properties, which may include (depending on the composition) corrosion resistance, low magnetic permeability, ductility, or a combination.

This Technical Note answers all the preceding questions and more, using tables, charts, and photos to better illustrate the concepts. Areas covered include basic material characteristics (e.g. available alloys and material properties), engineering design issues (e.g. design guidelines and coupling), construction issues (e.g. accessory availability and handling), and finish quality (e.g. surface contamination and pickling). A full list of references is included.

This publication is available as a free download by visiting the CRSI webstore at Shop for “Merchandise” and select the category “Technical Notes.”

About Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

Founded in 1924, the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute is a trade association that stands as the authoritative resource for information related to steel-reinforced concrete construction.  Serving the needs of architects, engineers and construction professionals, CRSI offers many technical publications, design aids, software programs, educational seminars, promotional activities, membership functions and design award programs.  CRSI members are manufacturers, fabricators and placers of steel-reinforcing bar and related products, and professionals who are involved in the research, design and construction of reinforced concrete.  Serving the construction market in the United States, Canada and Mexico, CRSI is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, with regional offices located across the United States.


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