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ADOCEM - "It’s time for construction to shed old habits"

Oct, 16 2013

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s cement makers grouped in ADOCEM on Tuesday affirmed that despite that the country’s demand for infrastructure and housing is in constant growth and paints a great for the industry’s future, it also poses a just-as-big challenge for the entire sector, including manufacturers of materials, contractors, and lawmakers, to make the transition into a truly sustainable country.

ADOCEM president Carlos González said that for the construction industry to successfully achieve sustainability, it must deal with comprehensive challenges and cause a change in the mentality of all its players.

The business leader described the progress in the sector’s developments, an analysis of the current circumstances, as well as scientific and technical data. "In ADOCEM we see sustainable construction as the union between innovation and sustainability, and the first is reflected in the manufacture of materials of maximum durability, quality and competitiveness, starting with the reconstruction of our roads to the use of alternative fuels in the manufacture of our products."

He said the changes harbor great potential, since they’ll improve the people’s standard of living, contributing to care for and protect the environment for future generations. "Success is to minimize the footprint on the environment through the conservation of resources, energy efficiency, water saving and the use of materials that generate the least possible impact during their life cycle, creating spaces with greater wellbeing for its occupants.”

González also stressed ADOCEM’s completely redesigned Website as a communications instrument, which forms part of its new corporate online platform, based on the organization’s technological structure, highly functional, integrated, and with easy access.

“It’s time to break with decades of acquired habits in the current system of construction, and take into account the finite role of natural resources."

ADOCEM’S president said sustainable construction doesn’t require a magic formula, since it’s an integrated process ranging from the extraction of aggregates to the end of the lifecycle of the dwelling or building.

He said it’s indispensable to integrate that concept to the area of construction, since in his view it’s one of the sectors that most contributes to the national economy.

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