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Titan America's Pennsuco Paints Plant 'Pink' in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness

Nov, 01 2013

The employees of Titan America's Pennsuco plant cemented awareness of breast cancer this month by painting parts of its plant in pink. The massive complex that contains a cement plant, limestone quarry, aggregates operation, block plant and ready-mix facility showed its dedication to beating breast cancer by coating the crushed stone (aggregates) area with a "fuchsia" glow.

TITAN AMERICA LLC PINK / Titan America's Pennsuco Plant in Medley, FL is forever

"Titan America is setting out to raise breast cancer awareness among the workers, contractors, haulers, inspectors and other folks who visit the plant on a regular basis," says Muhammad Khan, Area Manager 
of Cement Manufacturing, Shipping & Environmental for Titan America's Pennsuco Complex. One thinks of a cement plant as a male-only environment but there are 13 women currently employed at the plant.

"We weren't sure how enthusiastic our workers would be about painting a plant with bright pink, but all of them were incredibly supportive, volunteering and excited about the project. I commend my team -- especially Danny Mora -- for their efforts," said Ruben Terrazas, Aggregates Production Manager at Titan, who initiated the project. Employees each took a turn with the paintbrush.

The stone crushing plant is outlined with pink guardrails on the stairs, pink conveyor belt siding, the rose water tank and the bright pink stacker anchors a corner of the structures. "The horrible odds show that one in eight women[1] have a chance of directly confronting breast cancer," said Janethe Campana, Aggregates Administrative Assistant at Titan. "This means that virtually all the workers and visitors will know women who are impacted."

"Not only do we have employees that could be affected by breast cancer, but each of us have mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts or nieces and friends that could be," says George Pantazopoulos – Vice President Operations and Sales with Titan Florida Business Unit.

"We can remind every employee to get tested or have their loved ones tested, and every visitor to do the same just by highlighting the plant in pink," says Pantazopoulos. "That's a pretty easy way to communicate something so important."

Tarmac America LLC, d/b/a Titan Florida, is a subsidiary of Titan America, LLC, the premier heavy building materials producer in the eastern United States. Titan America LLC is headquartered in Norfolk, VA and its industries include cement, aggregates, ready-mixed concrete and fly ash beneficiation. Its parent company, Titan Cement Company, S.A., headquartered in Athens, Greece, is a signatory to the UN Global Compact, a group of companies committed to sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

[1] American Cancer Society,, October 29, 2013.


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