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Heading: 1.1Where can i buy a Zenith jaw crusher?
I am open a mine and need 3jaw crusher,my friends recommend Shanghai Zenith Company's jaw crusher is great,we want to book 3sets,who can help me how to buy these machines?

Yingying niu

They are pretty easy to find on the internet - they have 4-5 company names and aliases and 10x as many websites all showing the same photos of the same equipment. Zenith/Breakday/SBM/Henan Liming/etc.

I think you would have to fly to China. Be sure to order a spare set of bearings and lots of other spare parts with your machine - not sure you would be happy shutting your plant down for 10-12 weeks while waiting for an ocean shipment of a toggle plate or bolt. I've heard people buy two so when the first one breaks, they have a replacement.

I hear they have a great service department as well - the self-proclaimed best in China. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you don't mind waiting weeks for someone to get a visa to travel to your country, then waiting for them to actually travel.

When they do get here to service your new machine purchase, be sure to have someone on your staff available to drive them around as I don't think they would be able to arrange their own transportation, meals or lodging.

You might think about adding an interpreter to your payroll as well so you can communicate with your new supplier efficiently.

Of course if you are from China, you won't need any of that, and I'd guess you could probably find them without your attempted infomercial post.

Best of luck,

F. Flintstone

fred flintstone
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