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Heading: 1.1Moisture in Sand
As many of us know, before making a concrete batch, we have to determine the percentage of evaporable moisture (surface and pores) of the aggregate (in this case, the fine aggregate).

Based on Laboratory Trial Mixes...

The QUESTION is this:

Is there another reliable test method to determine the Moisture in Sand BESIDES the explained in ASTM C 566 (oven drying)?

Jorge Moquete

The short answer to your question is NO. ASTM C566 IS the standard test method. It is the only method. It's called a "burn-off" and it's used every day by Ready-Mix QC and field technicians. It is more reliable than electronic monitors and is used to verify that the bin monitors are accurate. A quick search of the current (2009) ASTM standards for Concrete and Aggregate using "moisture" as the search term returns 9 ASTM Standards, only one of which is used to determine the moisture content of aggregates. C566-97(2004)The Ready-Mix Concrete Association may have other information, but why are you looking for another method when the current standard is the simplist and most accurate if performed correctly?
Bob Miller
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