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Heading: student research information request
Hello. I am Tanya Pyke, a senior at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM U.S.A. and am doing a research project on different types of concrete block and would like to know if you can help me in my research. I am researching 3 types of block: rastra, apex, and lavarock. I am conducting a competitor analysis with the following information: annual sales revenue, customer base, marketing methods (advertising focus): do-it-yourself'ers, ads, construction builder companies; in addition to any other pertinent information you may have for my research.

This information will be strictly used for academic purposes and if you would like to contact my professor in regard to this request, his contact information is: Dr. Frank Reinow, Professor of Management, NM Tech, 575-835-5459, email: I would appreciate all and any information you could provide. The website for NM Tech is if you need to verify any of the above information.

Tania Hudson referred me to this site to pose my questions/topic. I hope you can help me as I haven't found anything online and after speaking to our Librarian at my and another college; they think that I will have to resort to old school methods of contacting my sources. I would appreciate any help. Below is some of the information I need to find in my quest.

Thank you. Have a great day!

Our goal is to determine the similarities and differences between your
company’s products and technology and those of their competitors. In
addition, consider how their prices compare to your company’s prices,
as well as their revenue and profit, as available.

What are the issues you should address? :

1. Define the company’s target market.
2. Determine the size of the target market.
3. Define the company’s specific segment within the target market.
4. Define the size and the revenue opportunity that the company’s
segment represents.
5. Determine how fast the overall market and the company’s specific
segment are growing (new entrants to the market).
6. Identify the factors that are most important to the company’s
customers such as price, technology, ease of use, or new applications
and uses.
7. Define the most important characteristics in the company’s
industry. Is it driven by high or low volume? Is it capital or labor
intensive? Is it seasonal?
8. Identify and profile the company’s targeted customers by their
consumer budgets and how their customers make decisions to buy a
9. Identify the company’s direct and indirect competitors and
understand their impact on the company.
10. Identify the features that differentiate the company’s product(s)
from their competitors’ products.

Finally, after analyzing the above information and data, you should be
able to complete the following:
1. Describe the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.
2. Identify what’s unique and distinctive about your company’s
product(s) in the industry segment and why customers will prefer your
company’s product rather than the competitors’ products.
3. Describe your company’s target market and target customer and what
will motivate them to purchase your company’s product.
4. Explain how your company will gain and keep a sustainable
competitive advantage.

Tanya Pyke
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