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Heading: 1.1K-Krete
I have a mix which is designed to produce 1MPa (145psi). I am presently reaching 0.4MPa. my FM for the sand is 2.63.

any ideas?

James Hiltz

My first idea is that your strength is too low.

My second idea is that you have given us almost nothing to work with. Are you talking about Kuhlman's CLSM?

Do you work for Kuhlman and you have tried all the basics to increase the strength, or are you working for someone else and you are trying to figure out what Kuhlman or the material supplier has done wrong?

Based on your name, your reference to MPa and an Internet search, I think you work for a lab in Canada. That means that it is probably cold up there right now. That could really slow down strength gain in the mix. If that is the case, talk to the supplier, complain about low strength and let him fix it.

Sorry if I am being too blunt. Give us something to work with and maybe we can help.

Now that I think about it, if you know the right information to provide, you can probably figure out the answer yourself. Here is what we would need to know for a more complete analysis:

Mix design and materials
Concrete temperature
Testing regimen
How were the samples cured?

Jay Shilstone
Jay Shilstone
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