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Heading: 1.1.1Tests to accompany compressive strength?
It used to be that either ASTM or ACI had a statement that if you were making cylinders to check for compliance with specified strength requirements you had to also run a slump, air content, concrete temperature and unit weight. I found a reference to requiring concrete temperature, but not the others.

Does anyone recall what document and section has that requirement? It may be gone now.


Jay Shilstone

ASTM C31 Standard Practice for Making and Curing Test SPecimens in the Field states the following:
4.2 If the specimens are made and standard cured, as stipulated herein, the resulting strength test data when the specimens are tested are able to be used for the following purposes:
4.2.1 Acceptance testing for specified strength.
4.2.2 Checking adequacy of mixture proportions.
4.2.3 Quality control.

Calvin Stripling

ASTM C31, Section 8.0
Rich Szecsy
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