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Heading: 1.2.1Manufactured Sand Society
About Six years ago, there was a loose group of us people interested in understanding and promoting the use of Manufactured Sand. We would meet for dinner at various of events and discuss and compare notes on the challenges and progress we were all making in our particular parts of the industry and the world. It was a very interesting group of motivated and talented people. There were people from the government sector, the manufacturing section, the equipment supply sector, the media, concrete people, as well as people from the educational field. I am thinking that we should formally put together this group of interested and interesting people to further push the knowledge and use of manufactured sands.

I will be going to Agg 1 in Charlotte, NC, next month.

Anyone interested in taking another step to formally putting this group together ? Or we could continue to meet informally. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Anyone knowing me, will know that this will be a lively adventure.

Looking forward to catching up with old friends and colleagues as well as meeting new ones.

Jay Lukkarila

I have been getting emails already ! Good to know that ARI still has it's world wide reach !

Natural Sands have their place when they are available, but the future belongs to Manufactured Sand !
Jay Lukkarila

The first step as might be to define a mission statement. There are many of you out there who are more articulate than I.

What if the mission statement were to:

To better understand, the production and the use of manufactured sands. To better define and create, the testing procedures and specifications of manufactured sands.

What are your thoughts?
Jay Lukkarila
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