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Heading: Sand Society
About Six years ago, there was a loose group of us people interested in understanding and promoting the use of Manufactured Sand. We would meet for dinner at various of events and discuss and compare notes on the challenges and progress we were all making in our particular parts of the industry and the world. It was a very interesting group of motivated and talented people. There were people from the government sector, the manufacturing section, the equipment supply sector, the media, concrete people, as well as people from the educational field. I am thinking that we should formally put together this group of interested and interesting people to further push the knowledge and use of manufactured sands.

I will be going to Agg 1 in Charlotte, NC, next month.

Anyone interested in taking another step to formally putting this group together ? Or we could continue to meet informally. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Anyone knowing me, will know that this will be a lively adventure.

Looking forward to catching up with old friends and colleagues as well as meeting new ones.

Jay Lukkarila

Jay sign me up, let me know if I can help in any way.
William Cooley

I would be interested. What's next ?
Leon Bablouzian

I have received enough phone calls, postings, and emails demostrating enough interest that we are going to plan to get together Wednesday evening, March 14, unless someone can point out a major scheduling conflict. We will be posting details soon.

I know everyone cannot make it, so we will keep everyone else posted as to what develops.

Look forward to discussing one of my favorite tops - manufactured sand.

Thank You

Jay Lukkarila

I am interested in participating Jay - but not in coming to USA
Ken Day
Ken Day


I would like to send you information on our company which manufactures sand and aggreagtes from Ash from coal fired power stations and it is samr price as quarried material and half the weight.
We can make up to 50 Mpa to a 32 Mpa design mix for concrete which is unheard of anywhere in the world.

Nu-Rock has done it now for 15 years.

Maroun Rahme

I suggest we gather after the "Improving the Quality of Natural Sand with Manufactured Sand" education session on Wednesday at 9.00am. By then we will have a place organised to sit down and discuss this further.

AGG1 Conference, Charlotte Convention Center, NC

(W43 - Improving the Quality of Natural Sand with Manufactured Sand
Mark Krause, Lafarge; David Morrow, Metso Minerals Ind.; and Scott O'Brien, McLanahan Corporation

As natural sand is being depleted and new sources are difficult to permit, the need for quality manufactured sand is more important than ever. We will investigate, based upon case studies, various methods of reduction both compression and impact and wet and dry processing. Reasons why certain equipment or process choices were made including cost considerations will be discussed. The demands and specs will differ for asphalt and concrete applications. We will look at costs, shape, yield and potential blending with natural sands.)

Please email if you need further details. Or text Tania on +32 496 85 60 86.

Tania Hudson

thanks to all for having the common interest to save this natural source, natural sand . But I have a doubt that again we are depleting the natural source for this M sand production. Can you clarify this issue.
Meenakshisundaram Pillai
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