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Name: Bob  Miller
Heading: 1.2RE:Starting Small Redi-mix Operation
I'm in the process of putting together a small redi-mix operation in South Texas (two trucks). My target market area is about 10 miles from the plant in all directions, population about 25,000 and no immediate competition. First year production/sales is anticipated to be 10 - 12000 cubic yds. Any and all information on: a). general business, b), mix design, c). transportation, d). concrete, e) aggregate/admixture use, etc...will be highly appreciated. Thank you

Eustacio Rubio

Speaking as a recovering concrete contractor, I would suggest a minimum of 4 basic mix designs.
All straight cement, with 2 mixes designated as air-entrained.
A 3000 PSI non air-entrained footing mix, a 3500 PSI non-A/E floor slab mix.
(3500 PSI is the minimum compressive strength required by the new International Building Codes for floor slabs.)
A 3500 Air-entrained mix for driveways and a 3000 PSI air-entrained mix for curb and gutter and misc exterior concrete.
The addition of extra bags of cement can adjust these mixes upwards.
Once you get your batch plant stabilized, I would suggest contacting a local geo-technical testing agency and have your mix designs certified for DOT and commercial use.
You may want to check with some local contractors and real estate developers to check local building trends, and be prepared to offer an exposed aggregate, (pea gravel) mix, or colored concrete.
Good luck, sir. I wish you all the best.

Bob Miller
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