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Name: John  Shoucair
Heading: 1.1.1RE:Stockpile Segregation
We are developing a training aid for loader operators. It will include a mini-conveyor, a #57 aggregate in miniature (4 fractions, 4 colors), a radio-controlled front end loader and video presentations of stockpile recovery techniques done by the FHWA and one on the causes of segregation of roofing granules. We have heard of other video presentations made by some state aggregate associations. We would appreciate any information available. We want to include as much information as possible. Thank you, John Muhlke, HMA Lab Supply, Inc.

john muhlke

Contact the gentlemen below and he will be able to set you up with everything you need.
This is part of the Ohio Aggregate Technician Level 1 Training,
that is sponsored by Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association and Ohio Department of Transportation

Pat Jacomet
Executive Director
Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association
162 N. Hamilton Rd.
Gahanna, Ohio 43230
Phone - 614-428-7954
Fax - 614-428-7919

Thomas Wissinger

Feel free to use the info posted on our website at:


John Shoucair

John Shoucair
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