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Heading: 1.1How does one learn new things
In the concrete industry, do you expect to learn new things by testing alone?

I ask, because you seem to limit your thinking. Is it because ya'll believe you are the experts? What makes you think that?

How does one expand their thinking, do you know? When you were taught this trade, besides the physical aspects, what else were you taught to consider?

Maybe your trade has overlooked things. I point this out, because it seems your field of vision,--just like so many others has been limited by --people that may not be the best.

In my trade, they have proven that their ignorance is plagued by greed. I was just wondering, does it seem that way with yours?

Jim Ryan

Good thoughts!!!
Some of my aggregates industry friends and I have recently been discussing the same issues.
I wonder if there is potential within this forum to establish, at least, a compilation of basic operational / management skills related to various levels in the aggregates industry.
Is anybody interested in discussing such a thing?
Alan Bessen
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