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Heading: Control within Screening Buildings
Using buildings to enclose dry screening processes look like a good idea on the outside, but on the inside, it seems like there is one big mess.

If you are in colder climates where temperatures are well below freezing, the challenge becomes even greater. Attempting to heat the building while a baghouse system is sucking dust and heated air from inside the building and exhausting the heated air outside the building seems insane.

Does anyone have any suggestions, as to how to control dust within dry screening structures?

Jay Lukkarila

Why does the baghouse vent to the outside, It should be containing all the dust and just expelling air?
Wilkerson Wilkerson

a baghouse system should not vent to the outside if it is working correctly it should recycle the air and keep the heat in not sure what you are screening but have you considered a wet dust suppression system on the screen decks or if this is not viable and you have to vent to the outside fit a heat exchamger system to the air stream and recover the heat that way

michael hopkins

In my experience dry extraction systems, particularly large systems in sites where source material is abrasive can be very expensive to run, labour intensive and consume large amounts of energy. For these reasons I am currently exploring the option of turning off a large system and installing a dry fogging system.
Dave Parker


I appreciate all the comments and information. Our team is currently musing over all of the information as well as our own experiences. We are weighing the costs versus benefits and hope to come up with a solution to our particular problem.


Jay Lukkarila
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