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Heading: 1.1washing quarry dust
Can anyone point me towards a report / document or just some general observations on the advantages to be gained by washing quarry dust rather than using a dry screening process?

Peter Craven

No report I am aware of but there are certainly pros and cons. Others will hopefully chime in here. In the meantime some of the advantanges could be

Clay removal from marginal stone
Fines spec on the coarse rock fractions eaiser to acheive
Wash screen dimensions potentially smaller with water wash over screens
possible exemption from NSPS OOO standards (in US)due to wet process

Slimes and water management
Need for water (may be limited in arid regions)
End use of the stone - If drying required - may result in higher fuel costs

Thats a starter for now.

Brian Glackin
Brian Glackin
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