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Heading: 1.1.1LEED Concrete and Construction
Has anyone run into any issues regarding LEED credits and concrete? To be more specific, LEED mixes generally use pozzolans which typically decrease the 7 day breaks. Rarely does a specification call for a 7 day strength requirement, but the general industry standard is 70% in 7 days.

We all know how nervous folks can get when they see a low 7 day break. It can significantly impact the schedule of the project as well.

So, my question is, what is the industry's standpoint regarding this issue? What has worked for some of you, and are you seeing similar issues on projects that you are currently working?

Thanks, and I appreciate everyones response.

Jonathan Harrell

We have seen a little trouble with the perception of the 7-day breaks, but the people involved in the LEED requirements are pretty savvy about the implications of the pozzolans and generally expect it.

With that said, it is still a good idea to be proactively involved and talk about what you expect the early strengths to be up front.
Matthew Sherman

70% at 7 days should not be stated as an "industry standard". Thats like saying an 8-inch slump has too much water.
If 7-day strength is not specified - there is no requirement.

Clearly state the expected percent at 7 days if someone is looking at it and the data for the mix exists.

Try to request strength requirements at 56 days if construction schedule can accommodate with "greener" mixes.
Colin Lobo
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