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Heading: 1.2.2High Chlorides Aggregates
I must use marine aggregates (with high chloride content) for concrete production.
There is no possibility for washing the aggregates.
According to your experience is there any admixture (or teqnique)to "neutralize" the chloride effect in concrete?
Has anybody experience from the Middle East countries ?

Best Regards
Spiros Licoudis

spiros licoudis

Water soluble chlorides that cause breaking of protective iron oxide coating on the rebars are harmful. I have not come across any such case reported in the literature. I think it will be worthwhile carrying out long term (say one year)durability studies. Such experience will be quite useful to others also.
Dr J D Bapat

Most major chemical admixture companies supply corrosion-inhibiting admixtures. I have never used them, so you may need to do some research. You could start on the UK Concrete Society's website -

Alan Kirby
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