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Name: Scott  Timmons
Heading: HUSK ASH
Any one tried rice husk ash (RHA,amorphous silica) as an additive to cement and alternative to silica fume.
What is the possibilty of marketing it in europe and gulf area and whether companies intersted to work with it.


mohamed ezzat

we have tested some samples offered to us.

RHA is found to be a definite alternative to Silica Fume for making high performance concretes.

can u send us the specificatins and a quotation, along with test results.

Raju p.v.r
fax: +91 40 23311612

raju p.v.r

we are in Djibouti - Claimate is so hot we would like to know more details about this subject.

Is it possible give us more information

Operations Manager
Soprim Construction & Djib mix ( Ready Mix supplier)
Boreh group of Companies
e mail id -
Sivanesan Subramanian

Dr. PK.Mehta has written a number of research papers on the properties and and factors that effect the performance of Rice Hisk ash. As some others have noted, temperature and residence time within the boiler is key to the performance of the RHA. For the most part plants in todays world are not capable of producing a quality RHA for everyday concrete use. However, if the RHA is processed properly makes an outstanding admixture for concrete.
Ben Franklin

Am I missing something here? My experience is all with a furnace, not a boiler, but then I suppose that, even if husk processing is the main objective, it is smart to use the 'free heat' to boil water?.
Ken Day
Ken Day


Hot water is used in the processing of rice to remove the hull and for parboiling to produce "converted" rice. The hulls are burned at the processing plant to offset fuel costs. In the US, the ash can contain as much as 25% carbon... unsuitable for use in most concrete. Burning the ash more efficiently (completely) can result in the lowering of the pozzolanic activity, as Dr. Mehta and Ben have indicated.

I have heard of using high carbon ash in the production of fired products like brick and tile where carbon is an advantage, however.
Scott Timmons
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