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Name: Frank  Kozeliski
Heading: 1.1RE:Use of Chat in Concrete
On Tuesday April 4 EPA issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM)proposing a mandatory criteria for the environmentally protective use of chat for transportation construction projects carried out in whole or in part with Federal funds, and a certification requirement. Chat used in transportation projects must be encapsulated in hot mix asphalt concrete or Portland cement concrete unless the use of chat is otherwise authorized by a State or Federal response action undertaken pursuant to applicable Federal or State environmental laws. In addition EPA proposes guidance for using chat in non residential uses of cement and concrete. Thus NPRM is restricted to the Tri-state mining district of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.

I am seeking information on the pros and cons for using Chat in preparing comments on the proposed NPRM. The comment period for this NPRM closes May 4, 2006. I would appreciate any insites the industry. Thanks.

John Sullivan

I am a ready mix producer and have been screening limestone crusher fines over a #20 and adding the coarse to my concrete to give me better concrete. My fines before screening out the #20 have about 16% passing the 200 mesh. If your chat is limestone you will have good concrete. There has been a lot of work using the crusher fines for high fines concrete and it appears to be working. I have done some and it makes a creamy mix. This may also help in a SCC mix where they want some fines to hold the material together. Make sure the DOT and FHWA allow this and you will have good concrete. call is you want to discuss this further 505-863-3818 x 120
Frank A. Kozeliski
Frank Kozeliski
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