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Name: "Doc"  Watson
Heading: 1.1RE:Manufactured Sand Presentation
I am preparing for a presentation for the annual fall meeting of the Dallas Chapter of the American Concrete Institute. The title of the presentation will be “Manufactured Sand - The Future Fine Aggregate.?” My emphasis will be on utilizing a manufactured sand with a lower fines content (particles passing the 200 mesh) rather than the high fines content as presented by ICAR. I am looking for examples of concrete utilizing just manufactured sand and not a mix of natural sand with manufactured sand. If you know of anyone using manufactured sand to make a concrete, please let me know. As they say, a picture says a thousand words.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jay Lukkarila or

Jay Lukkarila

I suggest you contact Tim Folks at Hawaian Cement. 808 483 3300. I know they use a lot of manufactured sand, they do blend some Maui Beach sand but perhaps not in all mixtures. Certainly they primarily use manufactured sand all their mixes.
"Doc" Watson

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