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Name: Allan  Kramer
Heading: 1.3.1RE:extruded curb
we are experiencing intermittent shrinkage cracking while pouring extruded concrete curb. It does not appear to be a mix related problem. Has anyone else experienced this or have a suggestion? thanks

Stewart Petrovits

Confilm if poor weather warrants its use and the immediate application of a curing compound.
Rick Seymour

The honorable Mr. Seymour is quite correct in his suggestions to you. I would like to add one more tip that has helped me out in your situation. The tip is, to make sure that the sub grade that the curb will be placed on is uniformly damp. Remember, subgrades must be wet down to a depth of 4 inches to prevent concrete that is placed above it from cracking.

Allan Kramer
Allan Kramer
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