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Name: George  Frazier
Heading: 1.2RE:Breaking Beams
On a recent job involving an Hanger ramp to the airstrip, the lab of record took 6x6x36 beams and will break half at 7 days and return the remainder in the cure tank and break the other half at 14 or 28 days. I looked in ASTM C 31 and could not find any reference one way or the other. Is this a proper proceedure?

Marc Robert


The Army Corp accepted 36" beams on the Fort Drum Project in the late 1980"s. I haven't seen this procedure for "double" breaking beams listed in ASTM. Look for technicians with strong backs as this size beam will weigh over 100 lbs. after the molds are stripped.

George Frazier

Saunders Concrete Co.
George Frazier
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