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Name: Ken  Day
Heading: 1.1RE:Wet curing options
What options are there for wet curing vertical walls?. Other than ponding and wet burlap are there any other new wet cure blankets or products that are easy to use, reusable and effective?

Logan Porisky

You ask an interesting question and I look forward to other replies. To me it appears that a first consideration is why you want to wet cure them and a second is where are the walls and what is their purpose. Walls may need to be of very high strength, of high class appearance, or suitable for the application of render. There may be a need to strip formwork within a few hours and the forms may be of metal or plywood. The climate may be hot, dry and windy or cold and damp. Thick, high strength, walls in ply forms can generate substantial heat and cause surface cracking if cooled (i.e. wetted)rapidly.

Easy solutions may be to spray with a curing compound immediately on demoulding, to leave the formwork in place for an extended time, to incorporate saturated lightweight aggregate for self-curing, or simply to use a stronger grade of concrete or a thicker wall so that curing is unnecessary on strength grounds.

I look forward to someone else providing a nice, simple, genuinely innovative answer to your problem.
Ken Day
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