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Heading: Ryan - Forum Participant
Jim Ryan has been very active on the Forum lately, claiming exceptional knowledge of concrete from a flooring contractor's point of view.

As a member of ARI, do YOU want to hear more from Jim Ryan or should he be curtailed from the Q&A Forum?

Please go to: -- home page and


Tania Hudson

I'd also like to add that if you treat Mr. Ryan like an adult...even though when he gets on a rant he can be annoying....he will reply in kind but, I have to tell you Mr. Ryan is not an idiot at the very least quite intelligent.

I did noticce a few people getting perturbed with his questions but that by no means should cause one to call him a blithering idiot.

Try and explain the issue like you were speaking to another one of you associates.

Thans again
Perrera Perrera

Seems as though we have drifted off Mr. Ryans original post of "How does one learn of new things" considerably.
My Grandfather always told me, you learned new things by keeping your mouth shut and your ears open.
Who knows? Might work in this case as well?
Glenn Summers

Stephen, I thank you for the compliment, but I wouldn't say I'm very intelligent. I would say I believe I have common sense and I enjoy solving mysteries.

Of course to do such, I need as much input as I can get. In essence, that means that other people are the intelligent ones and I am just a guy that once in awhile, asks the right questions or maybe stumbles on a consideration or two.

Anyway Stephen, you never fail to surprise me. Yes, I am famous for my rants in the past--as well as fighting. However, I have been somewhat curbing the fighting and rants. Of course I hold nothing against the concrete industry.

Perhaps in 5 more years---if I live that long, I won't harbor so much anger at the flooring industry.

Wishing you and yours a great Christmas.

Jim Ryan
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