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Heading: Soil Cement Stabilizations
I've looked thru all the messages about soil cement stabilizations and notice a common failure and concern regarding cracking failures. We've overcome all those problems and are not only able to provide a better base, we are going straight to pavement on top of our stabilized bases with zero failures in the harshest climates of Western Canada. For example, we stabilized a failed road and applied a 1" asphalt lift directly on top. That road is heavily used, it survived the full freeze thaw season including a full spring water immersion (totally underwater for 2 weeks in the spring) and there hasn't been a crack, a de-lamination nor a pothole to be found.

The key to having a crack free soil stabilized subbase and/or a full base for direct finish paving in all soil types (clay, silt, sand or any combination) is indeed to have a high tensile strength that can overcome the brittleness of straight cement on soil stabilization. For the past 2 years I've had incredible results with the process and specialty additive that we developed here in Western Canada. Our process and soil cement mix designs achieve high compressive strength for load bearing plus increase tensile strength by up to 1800% in sand for example.

If anyone's interested post a request and I'll provide more details.

George Clark

I am really interested in your product and I would appreciate you send me more information about it, at the email address: or tell me how can I contact you.
Thank a lot.

Pablo del Aguila

I am very interested in the results you achieved with your product. Could you send me more information to my email address: or let me know how best to contact you.

Thank you'
Richard Knox


I am interested in your product. Please send more information to my email address:

Thank You,
Karl Fletcher
Karl Fletcher

I believe we could also use some more information on this. please send the information via email to

Thank You & have a great day

Robert Anderson
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