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Heading: 1.2.1Reclaimers and Grey Water Processing
Can anyone share their experiences utilizing a concrete reclaimer in conjunction with Grey Water processing with Centrifuge systems or vacuum systems?

Dean Van Loon

Typically the problem is to dispose of the cement and flyash of return concrete. Although vacumn systems can extract most of the water, most landfills will not accept the waste material. Provided you have enough controls in place, it is recommended to introduce the Gray water into fresh concrete. Most Concrete Reclaimers are challenged with managing the amount of Gray water. By agitating the gray water and properly sizing the gray water storage, producers can recycle without need for a Press or Vacumn system.
Scott Humphrey

The secrey to a good system is to correctly size the waste water holding facilities. Too big will result in settlement and an inability to use all the water. too small will result in excessive running etc.
the correct size is approx 80% of daily usage depending on how much recycled water you can use.
Obviously the faster you can use it the less settlement there will be and the lower the concentration will be so you should be able to use up to 100% recycled.
I always fit an aggitator motor and paddles in the middle and pulse the motor for 3 min in every 20 just to keep a consistent mix.
If set up correctly you will reduce your potable water demand, reduse your wate and your discharge of contaminated water.

Hope this helps.
ps - I have never found a cost efffective centrifuge or vacuum system that works.
stewart cameron
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