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Heading: 1.1.1use of limestone in ready mix concrete

I am looking for information about the amount of limestone that is used to produce concrete?

Is limestone the prefered aggregate for ready mix concrete production?

What kind of limestone (size, quality) is usually used to create concrete?

What is the demend for limestone in the ready mix concrete industry? More specific, how much limestone is consumed by ready mix producers in the US?

For some reason I am having hard time finding this information (may be because I am unfamiliar with the industry).

Any kind of help and direction to the sourses will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


Julia Mungalova

Dear Julia:

I recomending you contact Cemento Panama, Panama City.
They use limestone to produce all their concretes.

Andres Haug


You should contact the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association at

You might also be interested in the following report from the US Geological Survey:

They also have a report on cement consumption.

Don't forget that limestone crusher fines are now often blended into the sand used in concrete. Depending on how the numbers are determined, that might increase limestone consumption by 10-20%.

Another thing to consider is that limestone is a major component of cement (not just an aggregate in concrete). If you add the cement contribution, you will increase your total limestone use by about 12%.

Finally, finely powdered limestone is used in some places as a mineral filler to augment cement. That is a very small portion of limestone consumption (practically nil) but may be of interest if you are marketing a product.

Jay Shilstone
Jay Shilstone
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