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Heading: grade concrete
mix is becoming very sticky , w/c ratio is 0.19 to 0.21,any solution to reduce the stickiness.

gurdeep singh

Dear Gurdeep ,I can suggest 3 things.

1)Find the strongest superplastizer as possible (compatible to your materials),if it possible 40%water reducer.

2)Use silica fume >10%.The round spheres of silica fume will reduce the stickiness greatly.

3)Use HIGH energy mixer (which is very important).

by the way ,what is the maximum size of your aggregates?
Also pay attention to cap your cylinders with high strength molten sulfur mortar.

Best regards

spiros licoudis

thanks spiros

We are working as suggested ,

MSA is 20 mm,but we found that the aggregate got crushed at stress of 70 to 90 mpa .

we find difficult to reach the target of 120mpa .

We are using cubes instead of cylinders.
gurdeep singh

Look for the followings:
1. The psd of your sand, % passing 150 micron
2. The type of PCE you are using.

The coarseness of sand may reduces the stickiness ans total fine contents must be very high. Ask your PCE supplier to modify the PCE to reduce stickiness.

Ashok Kumar Tiwari
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