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Name: Richard  Gaynor
Heading: 1.1RE:concrete cube casting
What is the exact procedure for casting the cubes.While casting if the mix is uniform,plastic and starts to rebounce, is it necessary to continue tamping for the specified number of times? Thanks for your time.

prasad kvnv

Prasad: What does the test method require? Are you making 6in concrete cubes or 2 in cubes with C109? This sounds like sticky mortar with HRWR and maybe silica fume. Is there a specification for the mortar.
One test might be to see if more or less tamping increases the density or the strength. The usual C109 mortar for testing cement is a felatively stiff but harsh mortar that in nonair entrained mortar contains 12 to 15% entrapped air.

Richard Gaynor
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