Bauma trade fair pre-view: Part 3

baumaBauma, Europe’s largest trade fair for construction machinery, takes place in Munich, Germany, from April 11 – 17.

We preview, in this the third report, some of the highlights at the 31st show which has 3,421 exhibitors from 57 countries and attracts over half a million trade visitors, 125,850 from the mining sector alone.

Here we feature a tiny taste of the new products. There’s more in Part 1 and Part 2.

Fayat mobile asphalt plant

The new Allroad plant from Marini-Ermont offers high mobility
The new Allroad plant from Marini-Ermont offers high mobility

Fayat claims high mobility and versatility for its RM120 Allroad plant. This plant is designed for ease of transport and installation onsite and completes the firm’s Roadmaster range. Communications executive Paola Pezzi said, “It can recycle up to 40% RAP and it can be equipped for warm mix technology. It is suited to small and medium size plants.”

The plant offers an output of 50-120tonnes/hour and the firm says that it can produce high-quality, hot-mix or warm-mix asphalt, with or without recycled materials. The plant is equipped with the novel Retroflux counter-flow technology and is designed to meet the needs of a wide array of markets. The firm says that the RM 120 Allroad features efficient metering systems and offers customers a reliable and easy-to-use asphalt plant. In addition, the plant also offers the possibility of technical upgrades.

This single-unit plant has good ground clearance and high mobility for its category, which allows customers to operate as close to construction sites.

Caterpillar’s connective technology boosts productivity

Cat D6 has Cat Grade integrated with Slope Assist
Cat D6 has Cat Grade integrated with Slope Assist

Caterpillar and its German dealer Zeppelin Baumaschinen, are exhibiting the manufacturer’s latest technologies for machine efficiency under the theme “Built for It”.

The focus is Cat Connect Technology, which is base hardware or software technology available for Cat or competitive equipment. The technology can be factory fitted or dealer installed. Operators can see machine performance and movements via on-board touchscreens. Site managers can view machine performance and site movements to guide the assets for optimum efficiency.

Caterpillar’s LINK technology captures vital performance and machine health data and makes it available over the web to guide decision-makers.

The Grade and Compact productivity solutions let operators move material faster, more accurately and with fewer passes. Payload, an on-board system for trucks and loading tools, drives higher efficiency, shorter cycle times and lower cost per tonne.

Cat 360° Advantage is a joint commitment by Caterpillar and Cat dealers to deliver a full circle of expertise, technology-enabled equipment and support services that overcome a customer’s jobsite challenges.

The 336F LN XE and 352F L XE have standard Cat Grade and Payload technologies, while the new 323F excavator offers standard Cat GRADE with the all new Assist feature. Assist automates boom and bucket movements, decreasing the operator’s input and increasing the speed and quality of the work done.

Caterpillar’s D6N dozer now comes with Cat Grade integrated with Slope Assist to allow the operator to work more efficiently and economically on tasks ranging from first cut to finish grade.

SBM new SMR 13/7/4 impact crusher

SBM’s SMR 13/7/4 impact crusher
SBM’s SMR 13/7/4 impact crusher

SBM Mineral Processing’s new impact crusher, the SMR 13/7/4, is part of an expansion of the series. “Although the new machines shortens the traditional process chain it can produce a final product with even higher quality,” says SBM.

“Secondary and tertiary crushing of natural stones for the recycling and asphalt industry are the main application areas of this intelligent SMR crushing system impressing clients with both performance and perfect process results.”  With a crusher width of 700mm, material with a feed size of up to 200mm can be fed to the crusher.

SBM says this innovation saves one crushing step due to the fact that the fine impact crusher SMR can process the material directly after the primary crushing step, for example a jaw crusher. The cubic grain form required for further processing is produced in the desired grain size at a percentage of more than 90% high-value aggregates in the final product.

This is achieved by a frequency converter for constant rotor speeds that can be readjusted easily and quickly. With a drive performance of 160kW maximum, the sturdy power package offers a maximum average crushing capacity of 150tonnes/hour. “Until now high-grade chippings, for example asphalt surfaces, have been produced by using an impact mill and an additional cone crusher, which always meant a product with an inadequate cubicity. Just by itself the new SMR is capable of processing every cheap, inferior grain size material to refined chippings thus contributing to achieve especially economic and high-quality final processing,” says SBM.

Allu updates screener crusher products

Allu's M series screener crusher bucket: “largest in the world”
Allu’s M series screener crusher bucket: “largest in the world”

Allu has updated its screener crusher products, and now offers what it claims to be the biggest such bucket in the world. “Allu launches an updated Allu Screener Crusher where one unit can be equipped with many types of drums: drums with changeable blades, fixed blades or with the new patented TS construction where just by repositioning the blades the customer will be able to get two different fragment sizes with one unit,” says the company.

“The feature will benefit customers with more flexibility and business opportunities as the same unit can fulfil several output requirements without additional investments.” Allu says its M series screener crusher buckets have received a lot of interest from the processing industry and mining.  These monster screen crushers fit 50-160tonne excavators and 30–90tonne wheeled loaders. Examples of customer applications with M- buckets are, for example, securing material flow in power plants processing lumpy material prior to conveyer belts or processing iron ore for loading and hauling.

“Customers will have substantial benefits also from the wide variety of drums and blades developed by Allu. The stabilisation drum is now available with quickly changeable blades and the change can be done out in the field: no more welding at the job site.”  Also being introduced is the Allu Dare system (Data Reporting system) that reports working data such as working hours and number of buckets processed. This on-line data provides information to the customer that can now estimate even the hourly production.

G&Z introducing new slipform paver

The new S400 shares similar design features with the larger models in the G&Z slipform paver range
The new S400 shares similar design features with the larger models in the G&Z slipform paver range

A new and more compact slipform paver is being introduced by Guntert & Zimmerman, widening the firm’s range of models. The company has been known in the past for its large slipform pavers used in road and airport runway jobs but in recent years has developed smaller and more compact units. The S400 shares many of its features with the existing S600, which was previously the most compact model in the line-up. The firm’s German representative, Peter Hedke said, “It’s the smallest machine we’ve ever built.”

This new unit has been designed to combine versatility with productivity and Hedke said, “It’s an entry level machine for contractors or a machine for existing customers to widen their fleet.”

As with other slipformers in the G&Z range, the new S400 can be used in combination with machine control technologies from different suppliers. The new S400 retains the same novel turnbuckle design that allows fast width changes and according to Hedke, this is a key feature as it ensures the machine is highly versatile, as is required for slipformers in its class. He said, “It’s a single lane machine and a smaller version of the S600. It can be used for offset paving, fitted with molds to slipform New Jersey barriers.”

The S400 is also designed to cope with tight curves such as kerbs in parking areas or for roads linking to housing developments and Hedke added, “It can be used to pave roundabouts.”  The firm offers a wide array of molds to suit different applications and the S400 can be configured in a wide range of ways, as required by the needs of a particular jobsite. High visibility is claimed from the operator platform, ensuring more consistent paving results according to the firm.  Power comes from a low emission Cummins diesel that meets the Tier 4 Interim emissions requirements and is also said to be highly economical on fuel, as well as being quiet in use, allowing operation in urban areas.

Hitachi improved wheel loaders

Hitachi claims increased output for new ZW220 and ZW310 wheeled loaders
Hitachi claims increased output for new ZW220 and ZW310 wheeled loaders

Versatile and powerful, the new ZW220-6 and ZW310-6 wheeled loaders from Hitachi offer greater output than before. The machines can be used for a wide range of applications and offer greater reliability than the firm’s earlier generation models. The new Tier 4 Final/Stage IV-compliant engines do not require diesel particulate filters, lowering both maintenance costs and fuel consumption.

The firm says that the ZW220-6 for example uses 7% less fuel in load and carry operations and 6% less fuel for loading than the previous model. Meanwhile the firm’s  selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system is also designed to comply with EU Stage IV emission regulations.The SCR system injects urea into exhaust gas to reduce nitrogen oxide from emissions. Other upgrades include improved visibility due to a wider field of view from the spacious cab as well as the rear-view camera. Changes to the wheel loader’s design, such as the alignment of the muffler and air intake, have also improved the rear-view visibility for the machines.

Case launches heavy-weight quarry excavators
Case Construction Equipment  is launching the CX490D and CX500D as part of the manufacturer’s new generation D-Series crawler excavator offering in the quarrying sector. Like their earthmoving cousins, the CX160D and CX180D and the utility sector CX130D, the larger models feature CASE’s fuel-efficient Tier 4 Final (Euro IV) maintenance-free technology with no DPF.

The CX490D adds around 1.5 tonnes to its predecessor in the C Series, bringing its weight very close to 50tonnes. At the top of the range, the CX500D in mass excavation version has an operating weight above 50tonnes. These two heavy duty models, which replace the previous generation’s CX470C and CX470C ME, have been renamed to reflect their increased weight.

The new models have an after-treatment selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). Exhaust gases are treated exclusively through chemical reactions in the SCR and DOC. No particles are trapped in the system, so that no diesel particulate filter is required.  This is a very simple and effective solution to dramatically reduce polluting emissions and, as it is an after-treatment system, the engine runs at optimum efficiency to deliver more power with less fuel. As a result, customers enjoy significantly lower fuel cost. The system is also very economical in its use of AdBlue, which is just 3% of fuel consumption. In addition, because there is no DPF regeneration or DPF replacement, maintenance and operating costs are remarkably low.

Three working modes – Speed Priority, Heavy and Automatic – help the machines conserve energy and exert only as much power as needed to complete the job at hand. The new models also feature Case’s energy saving systems, which include pump torque control, auto-idle and idle shutdown functions, spool stroke control, boom economy control and swing relief control. These take advantage of every fuel saving opportunity, further reducing operating costs and contributing to a longer life for the machine.

McCloskey International’s introduces new stackers

The new SDX-95 telescoping stacker from McCloskey International
The new SDX-95 telescoping stacker from McCloskey International

McCloskey International’s new SDX-95 telescoping stacker is one of two new stackers from the company. The SDX-95 desegregates and maximises stockpile capacity using a robust, fully-automated and highly flexible CAN-based control system to provide optimal control of material quality. It is capable of 700tonnes/hour in applications such as aggregates, and is said to be highly portable with an onboard power unit.  “On-site setup from truck to stockpiling can be accomplished in 15 minutes. The stacker proves to be cost effective for customers removing the need to transport a separate genset or supply mains power on site,” says the company. The new ST80TF heavy duty mobile feeder stacker is said to be ideal for applications where a V bin stacker may not be the correct match for the material. With a 900mm wide and 24m long conveyor, the ST80TF can produce up to 750tonnes/hour.

Hitachi rolling out new excavator range

new ZX250LC-6, ZX300LC-6 and ZX350LC-6 excavators all offer increased performance
Hitachi’s new ZX250LC-6, ZX300LC-6 and ZX350LC-6 excavators offer increased performance

Hitachi says that its new ZX250LC-6, ZX300LC-6 and ZX350LC-6 excavators all offer increased performance. At the same time, the machines also meet the latest Tier 4 Final/Stage IV exhaust emissions requirements for off highway equipment. Productivity has been increased by up to 14% while fuel consumption has been reduced. These machines are aimed at the classes for 25, 30 and 35tonne excavators respectively. The firm claims that the machines offer the highest outputs in their respective classes as well as advanced hydraulics for faster cycling and more precise control. Cabs have been improved with more comfortable seating and better all-round view, as well as lower noise levels at the operator’s ear. Safety features are upgraded also.

Simex’s new range of versatile attachments

The VSE 20 and VSE 30 buckets share features with the existing VSE 40 model
The VSE 20 and VSE 30 buckets share features with the existing VSE 40 model

Simex is marking its 25th anniversary with the introduction of several new attachment products for screening, crushing and cutting. Aimed at the screening market the firm is offering the versatile VSE 20 and VSE 30 buckets, which share patented technology and other features with the existing VSE 40 model. Like the VSE 40, these have the patented system able to hydraulically adjust the output size of the screened material. These size changes can be made from the cab of the carrier machine. Both models are compact in design and the VSE 20 has been designed for 14-18tonne excavators while the VSE 30 for 18-24tonne excavators. Designed for 14-25tonne excavators, the CBE 30 crusher bucket is said to offer high efficiency and productivity. The bucket features a long life rotor design with high wear resistance, as well as easy servicing and replacement of wear parts. The new TF 850, 1100, 2100 and 3100 cutter heads benefit from a flow control valve that helps improve efficiency and durability. Mechanical seals boost productivity and prevent wear even when the materials being milled are abrasive. Their versatility allows these attachments to be used in a wide array of applications, including utility trenching, profiling, tunnelling and embankment maintenance.

LiuGong offering powerful loader in Europe

LiuGong is offer its powerful 856 loader in Europe
LiuGong is offer its powerful 856 loader in Europe

LiuGong is introducing its powerful 856H wheeled loader in Europe.

The machine is being built at its plant in Poland and is being offered in a Tier 4 Final/Stage IV compliant version for the European market.

The machine is said to be rugged and productive, while offering low fuel consumption.

Haver & Boecker develops new Niagara M-Class screen
Haver & Boecker has developed its Niagara M-Class to optimise the different features of its predecessor models and add an even more high-performance multiple-deck screening machine to its product line.  “The Niagara M-Class is the optimum solution when it comes to fine and ultra-fine particle ranges and when multiple cut sizes are needed and cut size precision is increasingly essential,” says the company.

The Haver & Boecker Niagara M-Class 2000x2800 8D
The Haver & Boecker Niagara M-Class 2000×2800 8D

The application range of linear vibrating screens is broad, and the system is used for classifying industrial minerals, foodstuffs, chemical products, ores and metals. Depending on the design, the multiple-deck screening machine has a vast screen surface (58m² of screening surface), while at the same time is characterised by its space-saving feature, says Haver & Boecker.  “In modular design the individual screen frames are horizontally stacked above each other and serve to act as the frame of the machine. The ability to later adapt the machine, for example in order to increase material throughput, is yet another advantage of its modular design,” says the company.

“The machine’s further development ensures even more exact screening results and prevents screen cloth clogging. The number range has therefore been extended from 2G to 4.5G. Depending on the task at hand, the frequency and the amplitude are adjusted accordingly.”  The Niagara M-Class is offered in two sizes, and in addition to its cut size, the machine also includes the classification of up to 11 different product fractions with only one point of transfer for each fraction.

Metso introduces new Life Cycle Services packages

Metso's new Life Cycle Services offering
Metso’s new Life Cycle Services offering

Metso‘s new Life Cycle Services packages are tailored to the aggregates industry. The LCS offering is designed to support Metso equipment and wear and spare parts in order to ensure the most profitable operations in aggregates production.  “We have built our new Aggregates Life Cycle Services offering so that our customers can easily select the solution they need to best meet their business goals,” says Giuseppe Campanelli, vice president of Metso’s Life Cycle Services business unit. This includes providing new ways of buying, maintaining and operating equipment.”

“Though we have had LCS aggregates contracts in certain regional markets, the new packages have been structured so that they are easier to understand and customise as needed, making them more accessible to the rest of our global client base. Metso successfully supports the mining sector with the LCS concept, and we believe there is a good demand for it in the aggregates customer segment as well. With this new offering, our customers are able to streamline their operations and further reduce the total cost of ownership.”

New C8 track-mounted screening unit from Keestrack

Keestrack's new H4 track-mounted cone crusher H4
Keestrack’s new H4 track-mounted cone crusher H4

Keestrack’s new C8 track-mounted large-scale screening unit with expansion-shaft screening technology, featured at bauma for the first time, was initially presented at Belgium’s Matexpo trade fair.

The specially adapted Bivitec technology from Austrian development partner Binder + Co, in combination with the large screening surfaces of the double screening unit (2 x 6,000mm x 1,900mm) and a broad area of application in the recycling of various waste materials, is said to guarantee the processing of materials difficult to screen that have high basic moisture levels or in the production of large volumes of standard mineral products up to 600tonnes/hour.

“By providing different versions of the double screening it is possible to process, for example, minimum grain sizes of < 2mm efficiently,” says Keestrack. “If the linings in the upper-deck circular vibratory screen are changed, the unit can also be directly deployed behind a crusher or for the processing of hot materials such as slag or substances containing tar.”

The transport weight of the unit is 45.4tonnes (B x H during transport: 3.2m x 3.6m) including the 12m³ feed hopper, overband magnet (option) and two side belts.  According to Keestrack, the rapid on-site set-up times make even shorter-term construction-site deployments of the machine worthwhile.


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