Weigh-in-Motion accelerates aggregates industry efficiency

The use of WIM (Weigh-in-Motion) technology can generate significant efficiency gains for global aggregates sector businesses, says Chris Berg, Intercomp’s market specialist – automotive, heavy industry & racing – in a report by our sister title Aggregates Business.

WIM (Weigh-in-Motion) systems offer those in the aggregates business an affordable option to accurately track inventory and ensure axle weight compliance of vehicles, while maximising throughput at yard entry and exit points. Intercomp offers both portable and permanent, in-ground options which ensures the company has a solution to maximise the efficiency of yard operations, regardless of size or location.

The ability to track inventory gives managers of aggregates yards a clear picture of product count for any bulk item. With this information, delivery timeframes, stock availability and other customer expectations are more easily managed. When stock of a particular product runs low, those goods can be replenished before affecting future order fulfilment. In addition, the availability of this data minimises the chance for wasteful over ordering from vendors.

In addition to knowing quantities of product stocked and ready for sale, managers must have the ability to verify amounts of raw materials ordered, and used, when attempting to reconcile those values with accounting records. Intercomp’s WIM systems allow efficient collection of this data to verify incoming quantities of various materials.

Intercomp’s LS-WIM in-ground scale system utilises time-tested measuring techniques, and widely available components, to maximise reliability in harsh environments like aggregates and concrete facilities. With a smaller footprint than full-size truck scales, installation and operation costs are minimised by decreasing downtime during installation while reduced maintenance, in comparison to larger and more complex scales, ensures proper function throughout the system’s life span.

Once the LS-WIM system is activated, the vehicle to be weighed passes over a 13-foot wide weighbridge installed perpendicular to the flow of traffic.

Having a better grasp of available stock on hand is important in responding to customer orders and inquires, however efficient delivery of those goods is of equal importance. Intercomp’s LS-WIM System can further support the second half of this basic business equation by allowing for entrance and exit gate automation. With options like the LS20 CPU, remote system activation key fob and wireless digital scoreboard indicators, weights of vehicles entering and leaving a given facility are tracked automatically, without the need for trucks to come to a complete stop. This reduces the amount of time trucks idle while sitting in line, causing wasteful fuel consumption, while also ensuring that customers receive orders in a timely manner.

While gate automation can lead to greater efficiency in fulfilling customer requests, the potential for greater facility security increases. When utilising the LS20, without the optional key fob, a driver must stop to key in their unique vehicle ID. When integrated with an automated gate system, only those drivers with the proper credentials can pass. The key fob allows truck drivers to activate the system, including entering their unique vehicle ID, as they approach without the need to stop and key the information into the CPU.

Once the LS-WIM System is activated, the vehicle to be weighed passes over a 13-foot wide weighbridge installed perpendicular to the flow of traffic. As each axle passes over the scale, individual weights are measured, allowing the system the flexibility to weigh road-legal vehicles with various lengths and axle group configurations. The sum of those axle weights equal the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), while individual axle values ensure compliance with weight restrictions. Gross Vehicle Weight, in combination with a known tare weight for the vehicle, equals the quantity of product entering or leaving a given facility.

The entire LS-WIM system can be transported in the rear of an average mid-sized vehicle and is deployable by two people in less than 15 minutes

In addition, the LS-WIM System also has the ability integrate with a variety of devices that may already be part of an existing automated gate system, including license plate identification cameras, VIN readers, automated gates and indication lights. The LS-WIM System utilizes an industry standard, Windows-based API data output that simplifies the process of adding weight data to other data points currently being collected and recorded.

Intercomp’s LS-WIM System fills the need for weighing vehicles entering and leaving a permanent facility, however the need for temporary aggregates holding yards may be a requirement as part of a particular project. At these locations, a permanent scale installation would not be feasible, but the need for inventory tracking and axle weight compliance are still present.

The LS630-WIM Portable Low-Speed WIM Scale System fills the need for weighing vehicles, with greater efficiency than static scales, in even the most remote locations. The system is comprised of two RFX Wireless Weighing WIM wheel load pads, four rollout leveling ramps and an included PC, with IntercompWIM software, or rugged PT20 CPU. The entire system can be transported in the rear of an average mid-sized vehicle and can be deployed by two people in less than 15 minutes.

The scale system works in the same basic way as the in-ground LS-WIM system. As a vehicle is driven onto the ramps, and over the scale pads, axle weights are recorded. Axle weights relate to vehicle compliance, while GVW is found by adding axle values together. This allows the system to accommodate vehicles of various widths and axle group configurations, up to 32 axles.

Intercomp’s family of WIM products provide managers in the aggregates business the data needed to maximise profits and minimise waste. With in-ground and portable solutions to fit any site, accurate inventory tracking and vehicle axle weight compliance data is available in robust, user-friendly systems. Permanent facilities can further benefit from enhanced efficiency and increased security when integrating Intercomp’s in-ground LS-WIM system.


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