WRAP launches new AggRegain “opportunities” module

(UK) – A new module has today been added to WRAP’s (the Waste & Resources Action Programme) AggRegain website (www.aggregain.org.uk), further enhancing the range of information and support provided by the popular sustainable aggregates information service.The latest addition, the “Opportunities to Use” module, will help raise awareness across the construction supply chain of the opportunities and potential to use recycled and secondary aggregates (RSA).As well as assisting designers, specifiers, contractors and local authorities to identify where RSA can be used in construction projects, it will also help those who have limited knowledge of RSA or have previously been cautious to use RSA due to perceived barriers and limitations.From interactive diagrams of construction elements, the user can drill down through increasing levels of information. This is supplemented by links to relevant information in other areas of AggRegain, including case studies and the detailed technical information in the AggRegain Specifier tool.14 construction application areas are represented by interactive diagrams including road construction, sub-structures and super-structures, earthworks, ground engineering and foundations, and utilities works.To supplement the project element diagrams the information is also presented in generic material groupings, allowing the user to search either by project element or material type. The material groupings are concrete, bituminous material, hydraulically bound materials (HBM), and unbound materials.Dave Marsh, Project Officer for AggRegain, said:”Since the major development and re-launch of AggRegain last year, the use of the resource has more than trebled, demonstrating its value to the industry as the ‘complete guide to sustainable aggregates’. The new “Opportunities to Use” module will open-up the information to an even wider audience, which will lead to greater specification and use of recycled and secondary aggregates in construction projects.”Go to: (Visited 34 times, 1 visits today)