Oman quarry’s tough conditions

Al Hawathim produces aggregates for use in asphalt, concrete, hollow blocks and interlock from several sites across Oman.

Of these, conditions at its Barka site north-west of Muscat are particularly brutal with high temperatures, strong winds and irrepressible fine dust.

Such a challenging environment is tough on both man and machine, yet the new Volvo L220G wheeled loader is said to be not only mastering the conditions, but doing so while enhancing the environment for the operator.

“I have worked in the Middle East for the past ten years and much of that time was spent using wheeled loaders in Qatar. For the past four months I have been here at Barka using the Volvo L220G and I have to say it is a superb machine,” says Ganga Ram, the wheeled loader operator at Barka.

“It has more power, its response is faster and it just makes loading easier compared to other makes of machine I’ve used.


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